After the grisly murder at a secluded asylum in a remote part of Alaska F.B.I. Agent George Arbogast and Doctor Misa Kuriyama are flown in to investigate the crime only discover Institute #6 holds many other terrifying mysteries that make them reconsider their beliefs and understandings of reality.

Praise for 'Institute 6'

A page turner!

Amazing Read.

I walked with each character. A very mystical way to describe the purpose of Institute 6, just how a scientist would relate it. It shocked my brain. I appreciated the ‘mature vocabulary’ and the game of ‘Who done it!!’

– Jeanette Frontier


Professor Charlie Walker faces a crisis when his wife Faith is afflicted with a terminal illness. When Ben, a physicist, stumbles, by accident, onto the ability to move backward in time Charlie believes he’s found the answer to his prayers. But he still has to convince Faith and Ben to travel back 2,000 years to find the one person who can perform a miracle…Jesus Christ.

Praise for 'Faith'

‘From page one of this mind-bending novel, I was transported into the craziest journey of any book that I’ve read in recent years. Credibly interwoven with the Biblical facts and an incredible imagination this is a journey I thoroughly immersed myself till the last page.’

– Director Kevin Connor


‘Oshiro Maru’ concerns six wreck divers, adventurers who scuba dive inside sunken ships. Learning the Oshiro Maru, a long lost mystery ship from World War Two, has been found at the bottom of a remote atoll in the central Pacific the wreck divers fly/boat in to the desolate island. Upon arrival they discover an abandoned Japanese bunker and an old native who warns them to leave. They ignore his warning and dive the wreck anyway and uncover a horrific secret that threatens to kill them all.

Praise for 'Oshiro Maru'

I really loved this book.

Oshiro Maru took me aboard for a romantic, twisted and frightening ride. The journey through time and place was assembled well with vivid description. I’m not a deep sea diver but felt like one after reading this book. What surprised me the most was were the horrors lurking on the ship! I look forward to reading Donald Herion Jr.’s next book!

– Jayne Walsh

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