Rig Removal: 'Barbie'

Removing animation support rigs in Barbie video series.

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VFX/Post: Replacing Sky

Replacing sky for an indie film using Adobe After Effects.

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Movie Poster: 7 Days to Hell

Poster design for the indie Horror Film, ‘7 Days to Hell’, produced by Pegasus Flying Films.

VFX: X-1 Breaking the Sound Barrier

Combining CGI and film footage of Yeager breaking the sound barrier. Created using 3DsMax, Phoenix FD, and After Effects.

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Website: Stevenson Management

New site for Stevenson Management

Since 1962, the Stevenson family has provided full service real estate brokerage and property management services. 


Book Trailer for New Novel

Cool book trailer for the new suspense, horror novel, ‘Institute 6.’

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Instagram: Video Clip Post

Video clip to help promote indie horror film, ‘8 Days to Hell.’

Instagram: Video Clip Post

Video clip to help promote indie comedy film, ‘Tidy Tims.’

VFX: WW2 Air Attack

VFX shot of aircraft attacking ships.

This simulation was created in 3Ds Max and completed in Adobe After Effects.

Original Art: Oil Painting of Flynn

Original oil Painting of client’s dog, Flynn.



Web Design

Graphic Art

Original Art


The Sorcerers Workshop has been providing a wide range of design services since 2001. From web sites, logo design, brochures, book covers, original illustrations, animation, 3D modeling and more, TSW has been there and done that.

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